The Dreaded Silly Season Begins!

Dear Folks,

I apologize for my delay in posting this week, but I was extremely busy attending a conference, helping some friends with their travel hiccups, and lots more. I was a wreck by Friday, and I am still in the midst of recovery. I enjoyed watching some Mad Men episodes and reading online articles. I also have something that I need to get off my chest, and it really needs to be expressed: Belgium is one of the most annoying countries in the western hemisphere. Brussels has a crime rate that could rival Moscow; taxi drivers enjoy turning down business and the rudeness of waiters and waitresses really makes you want to stay home. The police are completely ineffectual, and will make any excuse not to do anything. It is unbelievable that they have been tasked with the job of checking that commune residents are living where they say they are living–bloody ridiculous–especially when you consider that their prime concern should be: CRIME!!

In fact, I was going to title this post: “Belgium: A Failed State”, and I was going to deliberately drop the question mark, since there is no doubt in my mind what Belgium is, but I thought that it would not be in journalistic taste to do so, and in the end decided to change it.

Unfortunately, the silly season is on its way. July and August are usually the worst months of the year if one wants to find an interesting story. You have to scrape the newspaper barrel extra hard this time of year. However, I shall be on the lookout for juicy stories from the Middle East and Europe. The EU parliament will soon be having its final plenary session of the year, and the roster of items is somewhat smaller than usual, given that this is the wrap-up stage.

I hope that all of you have a pleasant week, and take care!!.

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