Whatever happened to Adnan Khashoggi?

Dear Folks,

In April, BBC Two commissioned a series of documentaries focusing on Britain during the 1970s. Many consider this to be one of its bleakest decades. While most Brits froze; suffered black outs and general misery, sun-kissed Arab Sheikhs from the Gulf were popping up in London to purchase real estate and lavish goods. They set a trend that has lasted to this very day, and one name that became synonymous with the Arab über elite was Adnan Khashoggi.  Throughout the seventies and eighties, his name epitomized decadence and crookedness. His parties were legendary, his female companions became celebrities in their own right and he kissed the hand of almost anyone in business. Once a mainstay in glossy magazines, Khashoggi has fallen from lofty heights, and these days his name is rarely mentioned. Many of the people who flocked to him, are now immersed in activities a world away from the glitz and ephemeral glow of high society. Who was this man who collected friends, as well as enemies with unfathomable ease?

Adnan Khashoggi was born in 1935 in the Saudi city of Mecca. His father became close with the royal family, as he was the personal physician of King Abdel Aziz al Saud. Adnan was sent to Alexandria in Egypt to be educated at Victoria College. It was a conservative institution in which one could be punished for not speaking English. His classmates included a young King Hussein of Jordan. Khashoggi then attended California State University and Stanford University, but he never completed his studies. He enjoyed living well, and dabbled in business in order to supplement his monthly student stipend of $ 200 dollars. In the end, his taste for commerce proved too great. In his early twenties, he went back to Saudi Arabia and got involved with an industry that would set him on a path to richness. In 1956, he earned a commission of $150,000 for supplying his country with three million dollars worth of trucks that were sent to Egypt, to help them in their campaign against the Israelis. In the years to come, he was responsible for brokering military hardware sales that were valued in the billions, and Khashoggi would secure sometimes 5-15% of the cost for himself. In 1970, he earned a commission of $184 million by helping the U.S.aircraft manufacture Northrop, now Northrop Grumman, sell $4.2 billion dollars worth of F-5 warplanes to Saudi Arabia. Front companies based in  Switzerland and Liechtenstein handled many of his deals. Within ten years, his total worth was valued at $ 4 billion, and many were calling him the richest man in the world. He was also close to a number of political heavyweights. He supported Richard Nixon’s re-election campaign and even bought his daughter a $60,000 dollar bracelet. Khashoggi knew how to charm. In the eighties, investigative journalist Ronald Kessler wrote that Khashoggi: “has tremendous grasp of how people tick”.

There are also few tycoons who shared the same appetite for conspicuous consumption as Khashoggi. There are stories galore about his purchases. He bought twelve homes in cities such as: Paris, Cannes, Madrid, New York, and a Marbella estate situated on 5000 acres. He bought 100 limousines, a DC-8 jet,  a $ 75 million dollar yacht, named after his daughter Nabila (which Donald Trump later bought), and a South Korean martial arts body-guard. At his 50th birthday party, he invited 400 guests to Marbella. Hollywood’s hottest stars of the era were there including Brooke Shields and Sean Connery, with Moët flowing by the gallon.

In regards to his personal life, in 1961, he married the attractive British woman, Sandra Daly, who converted to Islam, and later changed her name to Soraya. Still a teenager, she married Khashoggi before he earned his millions. She had five children with him. However the pair parted in 1974, and five years later, Soraya sued him for divorce for a figure of $2.54 billion. During the proceedings, Khashoggi was represented by Joseph A. Ball, who was a senior counsel to the Warren Commission. In the end, Soraya walked away with an estimated $874 million in an out-of-court settlement.  In 2007, The Daily Mail discovered her working as a florist, and has since shed her glamorous appearance.  She is estranged from most of her children.  After Soraya, Khashoggi remarried the Italian Laura Biancolini, who also changed her name  to Lamia. However his addiction to women meant that she struggled to compete.

Khashoggi, along the same lines as former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, had an insatiable desire to procure beautiful young women; both for himself and for those he wanted to impress. It is reported that he used the services of a French madam called Mireille Griffon, who was ordered to provide girls between the ages of 18 to 24. She was also known on the Côte d’Azuras Madame Mimi. She groomed ladies for the elite, and Khashoggi offered ordered two or three girls at a time. This tactic often helped to seal the deal with whose business he sought. One of the most famous or perhaps infamous ladies to come into his midst was the former Indian beauty queen Pamella Bordes. She worked as a researcher in the House of Commons, and was introduced to Khashoggi through a mutual friend. She joined the band of lady lovelies at his home in Marbella, and Khashoggi once sent Bordes to Riyadh to sleep with a Saudi royal prince.  Bordes would later give a tell-all interview about her experience to the UK’s Daily Mail. She now lives in Goa, working as a photographer, but  prefers to be called Pamela Singh.

Controversy and tales of corruption dogged Khashoggi as his wealth grew. In the United States, officials from the Securities and Exchange Commission subpoenaed him twice, before he eventually agreed to speak about foreign payoffs. Khashoggi was also implicated in the Iran-Contra affair, which involved the sale of arms to Iran to secure the release of U.S. hostages in Lebanon. This was in violation of an existing arms embargo. Khashoggi, or “Mr. Fix-it”, along with Manucher Ghorbanifar acted as financial intermediaries for the shipment of missiles. In 1988, his holding company in the United States, Triad America Corporation, located in Salt Lake City went bankrupt, with liabilities of reportedly $ 197.5 million and assets of only $9.5 million. Khashoggi blamed it on cash flow problems.  At the same time, he was indicted on a charge of helping the ousted Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Emelda divert assets and hiding their ownership of real estate and artwork through his front companies. At the start of the nineties, Khashoggi’s name was poison in the financial world, as little by little, it soon became clear that “Mr. Fix it”, could no longer pay his bills and his creditors wanted to pounce. Due to the allegations of racketeering, the US government sought his extradition from Switzerland. He managed to avoid prosecution for serious offenses such as racketeering, and was eventually acquitted.

Today, nearing eighty, Adnan, spends his time, using his connections, working as a consultant. It is reported that he lives  in both Monte Carlo and Riyadh, and is by no means a poor man. Today however a new generation of western-educated Saudis has taken over who are comfortable navigating their way in the western commercial world.

Today there is less and less talk about the former Saudi tycoon, who is the last in the line of international playboys, who never hid their penchant for the good life and their avarice. Nowadays, especially in the midst of the global economic crisis, it is not done to be a big spender. For Khashoggi, I wonder if all that wealth, all that excess means anything to him now.

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  1. JM says:

    Adnan was always a gracious man. I knew him and his family back in the late 80’s. I will never forget how important he made me feel. Some of my greatest memories included the Khashoggis.

    1. Gordon SAIVELL says:

      Hi JM: are you aware of how Mr. Khashoggi can be reached today. I have a document I would like him to look at for its verification. Thanks

    2. Guido says:

      Apparemment, tous ceux qui le connaissaient, etaient ravi de le connaitre.
      En tant que revendeur d’armes, il est un peu moins attrayante.
      Il a fourni tous les conflits dans le monde entier et par conséquent les feux couvants ont été déclenchés par ses ventes.
      Actuellement, combien de temps IS , Daesh peut encore maintenir ? Trop longtemps et ca ne peut pas se faire sans le soutien des marchands d’armes sans scrupules.

  2. jahangir alam says:

    Adnan sir is that man where u can learn about busniss .i use to read about him when i was 12 years old. if i able to meet him i sould take advice from him how to be milleoner

    thank you sir i wish your long life

    1. waste says:

      you can start by learning how to spell properly.

  3. MR says:

    Adnan was the ultimate host. Would graciously walk you to the door no matter how late it was. He was and still is a man with class.

  4. Rob Duckworth says:

    Knew his wife Sorya in the 70’s,cool womasn

  5. Saadia Khan says:

    Dear Sir . I would like to meet you regarding my own personal matter .please kindly provide me with an e mail address or phone no .

    Many thanks Saadia ; e mail address

    1. gordon sivell says:

      Hello Sasdia: I would like to contact you

  6. I worked 9 years for A.K. as chef de cuisine, mister A.K. was always a real gentleman an chidren as well, NABILA ,HUSSEIN.OMAR. MOHAMED and KHALED . i used to travel and work for them in MARBELLA.PARIS .CANNES.MOUGINS.CANARIES N.Y. CITY.DJEDDAH.RIADH AND KENYA and many others places and MY NABILA of course !!!! beaucoup de souvenirs magnifiques,une famille tres respectueuse,exigeante et généreuse .QUE DIEU LEUR PRETE LONGUE VIE. PATRICK BRIAND

    1. stephane says:

      ayant travaillé quelques années avec Patrick, je suis tout à fait d’accord avec ses comentaires. AK et sa famille nous ont donnés de très bons souvenirs.
      Stephane (Malága).

      1. BRIAND patrick says:

        Salut stephane quelle surprise après toutes ces années !!! mon mail :briandpatrick@sfr.fr

      2. David Sorsky says:

        stephane mace ?

    2. Spartan D says:

      Bonjour Patrick, Je m’appelle Spartan, je suis le fils de nabila, j’étais en train de lire cette article quand j’étais assis sur le sofa à côté de Omar. Il veut dire bonjour et souhaite que tout va bien avec vous. si vous voulez le contacter, peut-étre on pourrais organiser un moyen de communiquer.

      – spartan

      1. BRIAND patrick says:

        bonjour SPARTAN,en lisant votre mail,j’avais la chair de poule !!!! Bien sur que j’aimerais voir ou parler a OMAR ,KHALED,HUSSEIN ou MOHAMED et bien sur NABILA,je travaille en SUISSE,dans un club de golf privé: CHATEAU de BONMONT,c’est près de GENEVE,je suis a la retraite fin 2014,quels souvenirs magnifiques,9 années,c’est une partie de ma vie mon portable (0033615670600) et tél de mon travail en SUISSE (0041223699960 )je vous sers dans mes bras ainsi que votre famille PATRICK

      2. BRIAND patrick says:

        bonjour SPARTAN, je serais très heureux de pouvoir rentrer en contact avec OMAR amitiés

      3. Adnan khashoggi should be the US president says:

        You have the best grand father in the world u be proud of him, cause i am proud of being on his side

        and don’t forget that all countries trade in weapons .. and the biggest country in manufacturing weapons is the US .. and if it wasn’t for weapons u’ll be seeing every dictator killing and making death camps and the weak is helpless

        If it wasn’t for Manhattan project the strongest weapon the USSR could’ve moved and took the rest of Europe and Stalin is a dictator and a tyrant and burned armies of Europe wouldn’t stand a chance against USSR

        And Germany didn’t take back it’s other half the was the doing of Reagan but u will find the ungratefullnes in western Europe a common thing

      4. Adnan khashoggi should be the US president says:

        Adnan khashoggi may he live along healthy life and all his enemy die first specially the one prtinding he is dead and praying as if he had passed away..he’s alive and well despite ur delusion … although AlFayed died i just found out about that

    3. Keith Barnes says:

      Did you know Jim Weeks who was AK’s coordinator in London. If you did you may be interested to know that Jim passed away before Christmas and his funeral was last Wednesday.

      1. BRIAND says:

        HY KEITH, how are you ?? yes,I remember him , sorry to hear that ,bless his memory

      2. Keith Barnes says:

        I am fine thank you. I used to spend a lot of time with Jim when he worked for AK but moved away from Windsor about eight years ago and so only saw him about once a month since then. I was having a drink with him about ten days before he died and he seemed fine. He was found at home in the chair with a glass of port and brandy at his side just the way he would have wanted to go.

    4. Cynthia says:

      I also remember well Adnan K and his Family and entourage. Interesting to find this site and my stepfather posting on it.

      1. Cynthia ? Are you Cynthia? Maria’s Daughter ? If its you ,I am looking for you for so many years Ican’t believe it ,my mail is briandpatrick@sfr.fr and my phone number 0033615670600 if its you ,I missed you and I love you !!!

      2. j’imerais avoir de tes nouvelles ,je n’ai jamais cessé de penser a toi !!!!!!

      3. Gwendolyn says:

        Thank you for responding, however, I do not speak this language. Can you please send this information to me in English. Thank you!


      4. bonjour ,j’aurais tant aimé avoir de tes nouvelles ,ne veut tu pas connaitre la vérité ? Je t’aime Papa

  7. stuart says:

    one of my heros as a boy good luck and god bless sir

  8. Petrina Khash says:

    He is a living legend. Hollywood has to make a film about him. There really was nobody like A.K. Long may he live!!!

    1. Eilish says:

      Hi Petrina,
      I lost touch with your Mum years ago after I went to Australia. I hope she is well. I knew her, yourself and (Ruth) very well. Would you give her my best wishes and let me know if she’d like to be in touch.

      1. Petrina says:

        Hi Eilish! I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply, I only just saw this post. I remember you! I would love to get back in touch. Can you send me your email?

      2. Petrina says:

        Hello again Eilish, not sure if you got my reply or if you ever look at this blog anymore. It would be so great to get back in touch as I do indeed remember you! Please email me pettykhash@yahoo.com if you see this

    2. natasha says:

      hi Petrina , could you ask Adnan if he has memory of Bettina please

      1. Evrlina m gharbawi says:

        Hi Petrina,
        My father in low was a buissniss partner and a good frieand of AK,
        He past away while ago but my son have his name IG,
        I really would like to get in tuch with Mr AK but don’t know how ,
        Can you please help me ?

    3. rooo says:

      Aahhhh, Petrina…how is Octavia??

      1. Gwen Jones says:

        Dear Petrina, I am trying to get some information to AK who is my hero. Can you assist me in doing so?

    4. Evrlina m gharbawi says:

      Hi Petrina,
      My father in low was a buissniss partner and a good frieand of AK,
      He past away while ago but my son have his name IG,
      I really would like to get in tuch with Mr AK but don’t know how ,
      Can you please help me ?

    5. Naz says:

      Your family are legends now . Salute

    6. Naz says:

      Sounds to me like the guy lived good and treated people good . A true gentleman. May Allah swt grant him a high place in jannat al firdous

      1. Nasser says:

        Mr. Naz, it seems he was a true gentleman. Ameen to your prayers.

  9. Sina says:

    A true genius. So many people that have been blessed to work with/for him made a fortune and forgot where they came from (Al Fayed, Ojjeh, Traboulsi….the list is long). Adnan is the man!

    1. BRIAND patrick says:

      you are absolutely right SINA , and many many more ,not only el FAYED family and company,a lot made a fortune throught A.K. best regards ; Patrick

  10. Princess J says:

    Gotcha P…… Haha
    I knew the family well in the seventies and eighties often traveling with them. Was a friend with Soraya who was the most stunning looking woman…..her daughters are as equally stunning.Soraya was a very special considerate caring friend to me especially in Beirut. My hats off to all of them for being special people in their own special way….

  11. Miss B says:

    my mum worked for A.K on the Nabila and was his private nurse, Averil. She always speaks very highly of him

    1. BRIAND patrick says:

      Hello,i was CHEF de cuisine for A.K. on the M/Y NABILA from 1981 to 1986, I remember her quite well ,best regards PATRICK

      1. David Sorsky says:

        Patrick…..I was Chef to Lamia and Ali Kashoggi in Cannes(Le Marley) from 1986-1988
        I worked with two other Chefs ……Stephane Mace and Frederick(don’t know his surname)
        The Gaurdian of the Appartament was called “Fan fan”
        A horrible little fella.

      2. Leslie Cox says:

        Hello Patrick, You had left your numbers in one of your comments above. I tried calling you on both but with no success. Would it be possible to let me know if you have a more recent number? Many thanks. Leslie Cox

      3. hello Leslie ,nice to hear from you ,yes , my both phone number are not available any more , I don’t work in Switzerland anymore that’s while !!!!! , and I don’t work at all !!!! I am retiring and ,I am 64 years old now, I am living beetween France an Morocco and at the end ot this year I will be entirely in Morocco opening a little restaurant /buiseness

      4. Leslie Cox says:

        Patrick, Good of you to reply so speedily. Do you think that you could send me your email address or current number? By the way please let me know when you are set up in Morocco. Have not been before and have promised myself a trip there for a long time. When there it will be good to meet you and have dinner at your restaurant.Thanks. Leslie

      5. my Dear Lesli / briandpatrick@sfr.fr nice to be in touch with you !!!!

    2. Petrina says:

      Miss B! Your mum was my nanny in the 80’s and I have been wanting to get back in touch with her for years! She was very special to me and it would really mean a lot if you could help to reconnect us. If you can send me your email address I would be very grateful. Thank you!!

      1. gwenwj says:

        I am trying to locate A.K. because I want him to mentor me. Can you assist me in locating him? Please advise.
        Thank you,

      2. Linda Zahn says:

        I would like to contact my old friend Nabila. Lindajzahn@gmail.com

      3. Averil says:

        Hi Petrina (or Prettyrina as I called you)
        It’s Averil – remember me. I was the nurse on the Nabila and then came to work with your mum Soraya. How are you and Octavian and Nikolai doing ? You came to me many times after I got married to Roger. My email address is – averil.bosworth@btinternet.com
        Would love to hear from you.

      4. gwenwj says:

        Dear Sir: I am the lady in the USA who has been trying to locate Adnan Khashoggi. I want to hire him to be a consultant to me. I have a business and I am the only women in the USA that does what I do. I want to be a successful business women because I admire his business smarts. Please help me to find him. Thank you, Ms. Jones

      5. gwenwj says:


      6. Averil says:

        Hi Prettyrina
        It’s me Averil. I was tge private nurse on the Nabila for AK ,family, guests and crew as you know. I then came to work for your lovely mum and although I was not your nanny I was very much involved with you when the nannies were not available. I even took you to stay with my parents once in Wales – you and Octavia. We also had lots of fun in Benahavis. Do you remember the river and us falling in ha!!! So much to catch up. Contact me!! Back in London in 3 weeks time. Fancy lunch together? Love Averil xx

  12. David says:

    How warped these comments are. A.K. is an asshole — a crook, a provider of arms to the world — if that for you rings in ‘hero’ you should have your head examined!

  13. Comment says:

    You’re getting good comments of the man from people who knew him, when u don’t know him you’re really in no position to make this nasty comments.

  14. TC says:

    I met Mr.K in the early 80’s in Nassau Bahamas. I was 21 at the time and did not have a clue as to who he was. One thing I can say about him is that he was always a gentlemen…All the best Mr. K……….Top Cat

  15. natasha says:

    What happened to Bettina , a 22 year old German Jewess , she was his Adnans ,”PA” in 1977 , was living in Little Venice Maida Vale , London

  16. raymond mutua says:

    adnan is still a close pal.

    1. E m gharbawi says:

      Please help me to get in tuch with AK,
      Long family freand ,
      Gharbawi family

  17. Mike North says:

    Worked for Adnan Khashoggi onboard M\Y Khalidia as an engineer in the early 80’s sailing around the Caribean for two & a half years fantastic times even if it was work ! Besides having the younger members of the family onboard we’d also the likes of ex President Nixon & his wife too. All good memories

    1. David Sorsky says:

      I was a Chef for AK 1986-1988.
      We flew in from Paris on the DC8 to St. Maarten to join Khalidia.
      I was there for 2 weeks and cooked lunch for AK.He dined on shore in the evenings.
      I remember sharing a cabin with a “freckle faced” american guy.Who liked to eat AK’s Caviar and drink his Vodka.

  18. Dave says:

    He is an arms dealer and a terrorist. I knew him and worked for him for a period of time. He is only free because enough money can buy freedom and make problems go away. Makes me wonder about all the people here singing his praises. He is a terrorist.

    1. BRIAND patrick says:

      i am sorry for you ,you have no idea and don’t know what your taking about PATRICK BRIAND

    2. David Sorsky says:

      He was not and never is a Terrorist!

  19. nishuprasad says:

    adnan khashoggi is a genius par excellence. whenever i used to feel bored or in low spirits, i used to read his book KHASHOGGI by RONALD KESSLER – then instantly i used to get back in the best spirit with the best of the SPIRITS.
    May god grant him a long life.

  20. Amir Mirza says:

    Adnan Khashoggi Reminds me of my Grandfather. A.K showed us that EVERYONE has a price, and that anything in the world can be bought. He is a man of class and means. Okay he led a corrupt career but he managed to do the impossible. Adnan Khoshoggi and Aristotle Onasis are my role models.

  21. Keith Barnes says:

    My good friend worked for AK for many years and was absolutely , totally loyal to the man. He even remained loyal and tight lipped about what went on after the “collapse ” of AK’s empire despite the fact that he was owed many thousands of pounds which he never got. I was at Bournmouth airport the day the DC8 came in to be parked up and from where it was eventually sold to be turned into a freighter. A fabulous aircraft and sad day. Captain Gerry Sodestrom said it was the longest taxi time he had ever endured as the aircraft was bought to its stand with a fire engine escort and several firemen walking in front clapping their hands to scare away the birds. Bournmouth International didn’t get many aircraft like that.

    1. Jay Chappell says:

      Brian…I presume you have a Brother called Peter ? I worked on the AK’s planes for oner 10 years. Sad to hear about Jim Weeks. Jay

      1. Valerie says:

        Jay: I met you and the crew in LA California about 1983…. what fond memories I have of each and every one of you (You, Steve, Jim and his wife)… beautiful people, good times! Would love to know how you and the crew are doing Jay!
        ~Valerie from Cali

  22. HELLO KEITH ,I remember quite well captain GERRY ,I can imagine very well the scenery ,very true and what a fabulous aircraft and so many wonderfull trip we had in this plane !!NAIROBI , KHARTOUM ,SAOUDI ,AMANN,MARBELLA ,etc BEST REGARDS TO YOU PATRICK

    1. gwenwj says:

      Please Patrick, assist me in getting some information to A.K. All I want is to get some information to him. Thank you.

    2. Jay Chappell says:

      Hi Partick, I remember you, I mainly was working for EK but did spend time with AK for a few years. Remember the guys based at Santa Barbera ?? Jay

  23. Am I the only one who si amused by the comments, gosh…such psychofans….Arms dealing is arms dealing, even if you walk me to the door! #Dontbenaive

  24. Ranger Gibbs says:

    My late father, Brain Gibbs, worked for AK and Mohamed. Anyone that knew him, please drop me a line.

    1. Jay Chappell says:

      I remember your Dad, I was working for EK and would meet up with Brian in SL….Jay

      1. jonathansenior says:

        Hi J

        Jonathan Senior Senior here, currently on holiday with Bob Olsen, you, Bon and I worked with you and AK for years on the aircraft.

      2. jonathansenior says:

        Hi again J
        Sorry about typos on last message, Bob and I putting together reunion for all of AKs crew so email me js@inventoryclerk.com

  25. linda zahn says:

    So nice to read the memories from that time. Nabila, i would love to hear from you. I had so much fun at the house in cannes. I know i got a little too wild, but i felt a special connection with you. Hope you are well and happy.
    linda zahn (nyc, hope you remember)

    1. gwenwj says:

      Dear Linda:
      I am trying to reach AK. I am a minority businesswomen and I am seeking his opinion. PLEASE assist me if you can.

      Thank you,

  26. Garnet Ogle says:

    I am South African and had the privilege of meeting AK while in KSA. I dined in his house and taught his children Kamel and Someya, English while there.
    What a polite yet intelligent man, welcoming and friendly.

    I would be honored to see him again.
    Garnet O.

  27. Nancy Altman says:

    I met AK in Monte Carlo in 1966. He chartered the MY Edgewood (138′) for the summer with his family. At the time, this was the largest yacht in the Med. My girlfriend and I crewed on the yacht for 6 months. It was the most amazing experience of my life. Besides keeping the entire ship clean, we served the meals and helped the nanny take care of Nabila, Mohamed & Khalid. There was never a dull moment! Adnan was always a perfect gentleman and treated us with respect and kindness. We ended the cruise in Beirut where Adnan asked us to stay on and take care of the children, but we decided it was time to go home (California) after being away for one year.

  28. Almero says:

    So nice to read the truth about AK what a MAN I hope he has a long and healthy life

  29. nimla says:

    Wow…… all this people can’t be lying about this man. he must have been good.

  30. Naz says:

    Sounds to me like the guy lived good and treated people good . A true gentleman. May Allah swt grant him a high place in jannat al firdous

  31. Mo naz says:

    May Allah grand him a high place in jannat al firdous . Ameen . A gentleman and a legend . Saudi has lost a true giant

  32. RomaPaul says:

    I met him in New York in 1962 through Hiram, whom I met on flight aboard United Airlines and said KING HUSSEIN would be there. I was not disappointed though when AK welcomed me. Quite the contrary, he was the consummate gentleman, willing to entertain me in every way. An experience I’ll never forget!

    1. tom herman says:

      met ak and family in auckland in new zealand 1977 4day stopover at auckland travelodge quay st tom herman my name i was a 18 year old porter then drove a ford transit van to and from airport onto tarmac to private jet for luggage to the left george bolt drive on departure was given by ak $1000.00 nz gratuity tip in envelope rubber bands around it no luggage lost only happy memories as a young 18 year old kiwi kid 26th march 2016

    2. Helen Jackson says:

      I was friend of Nabila in early 70’s, think I was 12yrs old she was 11. We got up to so much mischief at Eton Square even sneaking out and loosing the body guards. Family (& staff) were frantic (obviously) but we had only gone to church! As the oldest I was to blame, mad times lol. My mother Gwen Jackson was family secretary/PA at the time and us girls would spend school hols together when Nabila was home from Somerset. Fond memories would love to be in touch with Nabila and remember those days. Fun times, amazing family & AK a lovely man.
      To all who never knew him you can’t really comment!

  33. tom herman says:

    met ak and family when they stayed over 4 days in auckland in new zealand 1977 auckland travelodge i was a 18year porter tom herman my name i drove a ford transit van to pick up their luggage to and from auckland airport drove on the tarmac to their private jet just to the left george bolt drive on departure i was given by ak tip in envelope $1000.00 nz dollars manager auckland travelodge colin carter

  34. Adnan ali says:

    He realy motivated nd inspired me A.k i usually read he story every tme wat good man.

  35. Helen Jackson says:

    I was friend of Nabila in early 70’s, I was 12 she was 11. My mum Gwen Jackson was family secretary/PA at the time & us girls would spend school hols together when she was home from Somerset. Would love to be in touch with Nabila again to laugh about stuff we got up to at Eton Sq. Fun times, amazing family & AK a lovely man.

  36. Ashley says:

    A truly amazing kind and wonderful man, I loved him and his family dearly. Would love to see him again, lost touch in the 90’s

  37. Melissa says:

    AK & his family are all beautiful human beings . Love & gratitude forever !!! They broke the mold with AK’s kindness , charisma & genius .
    Please wish AK a very happy birthday from me in July . And send love to the family .

  38. Sammrat A Dhawan says:

    The Great Mr. Adnan Khashoggi……Can I have an honour to meet him once ?

  39. Greg H says:

    I met Hussein through The Saltzman’s. I met Hillary when she was an exchange student staying with a family that lived up the street in the 1970’s one summer. Christopher and I met working on a film years later, he introduced me to Hussein and Omar when Hussein came to Los Angeles for College in the mid 1980’s. Living in Malibu, Rex was a trip.
    Christopher, Hussein, Werner, and myself had wonderful times. They lived up the street from me in Tarzana for a few years in the 2000’s I hope they are well and if you want to pass along my e-mail I’d love to catch up with either of them.

    1. Petrina says:

      Hi Greg, I’m Hussein’s younger sister. We probably met in Malibu as I was there at his house many times. What is your email address and I will pass it along to him. I’m sure he would love to get back in touch with you. Petrina

      1. Greg H says:

        I’m in Tarzana. I think he lived up the street a few years ago. G5reality@sbcglobal.net

  40. Paul Wilkinson says:

    Had dinner at the weekend at Baraka which is now La Zagaleta country club. Was given a guided tour of AK ‘s house with is night club, ten pin bowling alley, pistol range, and banquet hall what an amazing place. I was told that at his 50th birthday celebrations he gave all his guests a Rolex watch. What a generous man and what a life he must have lived.

    1. hello Paul !! I was Chef de Cuisine for mister A.K during 9 years from 1977 to 1986 ,I was the chef who organise mister AK DINER for his 50th birthday at La baraka for 450 p. ,Mister Khashoggi was very generous ! it’s true but I don’t remember him giving ROLEX watch to 450 people !!! nevertheless a great and fantastic person !! I am very proud to have been working for him and his family during 9 years I had a great time !!!

      1. Paul Wilkinson says:

        Very interesting. Do you know remember Nazeeh Sleiman who I understand may have been in charge of the house. He lately owned a laundry in San Pedro which his son now runs.

      2. Yès Paul .I do remember him ,of course ,he wasn’t in charge of Mister AK house ;he was in charge of the laundry ,he used to travel with us ,sometimes ,in Ol pejeta / Kenya for exemple !!! lot of stories !!!!

      3. jonathansenior says:

        Hello Patrick
        Jonathan Senior crew from the aircraft.
        You are right AK was to me and my colleagues, the crew on his aircraft, a most generous person. Hope you are OK.

    2. jay chappell says:

      Paul, I was a Steward on AK’s plane and I do remember 3 flight bags full of Rolex watches ( not in their boxes ) on board , presumed they were gifts,

      Jay Chappell

      1. Keith says:

        I seem to recall that all the ladies were given a silver rose from Aspreys.

      2. Lady M Prophet Paramount Studios says:

        A GREAT man that sees potential in people and has created MANY careers . Not only did AK make me a movie Producer by investing in a film. I paid him back every penny of his investment. Generous not just with his wealth , but with his spirit . Being his friend is a gift and a singular experience … His tutelage is a crash course in class & worldliness. Its an education that can’t be bought. He showed me the entire world Private Class with his INCREDIBLE FAMILY and his Club Elite entourage. At his 50th birthday , I approached him , my business manager had robbed me blind . I needed $30,000.00 to get on my feet . He gave me 50,000.00. “A lady comes with honor and leaves with honor.” I want the rights to his life story for a movie deal and a book deal. The true story must be told. If Omar Sharif were alive today, he’d be my first choice to play Adnan Khashoggi

        Lady M Prophet

  41. xerox2xerox says:

    looking cor peter one of the capains who wa sfriends with his personal secretary in Cannes…any clues…a certain peter …not lee fromkalidia or mohamidir

    1. Julio says:

      Lady M Prophet

      You have been blessed with a once in a lifetime opportunity to have been seen as a person of potential by a gentleman such as A.K.

  42. Lucinda says:

    I worked for AK and Lamia as one of the Nannys looking after Ali in 1985/6 and lived at Le Marley in Cannes. Such amazing memories and lovely to read all of the above. I remember Stephane who cooked for us, Fan Fan, Gerard and Jean Claude and of course Averil from the Nabila! Petrina and Octavia, we spent lots of the school holidays with you and your mum. As Nanny to Ali we were treated extremely well, travelled all over the world with AK, on the DC8 and DC10, the Nabila (fantastic memories of that) the helicopter and once stayed on the Khalidia. An experience I will never forget.

    1. BRIAND PATRICK says:

      hi Lucinda !! my name is Patrick ;I was the chef on the NABILA ,I left august 1986 !!!I started in 1977 with AK ;I am still in touch with stephan !! nice to hear from you PATRICK

    2. Petrina says:

      Hi Lucinda! Averil and I are still in touch and we were talking about your just the other day! What’s your email address? Petrina x

      1. gwen says:

        I believe Mr. Khashoggi is a great man!

  43. عنتر says:

    السؤال ماذا قدم للفقراء لا شيئ انسان لا قيمه له اين المستشفيات اين المدرس اين الزكاة لا شيئ لا قيمه له تذكر فلجهنم هو وملاينه كما الاغنياء والحكام العرب الفجره الكفره لعنهم الله الى يوم الدين

  44. SG says:

    Hi Keith, I’m looking to contact Adnan for an interview for a book project. Any ideas you may have?

  45. A says:


  46. Greg H says:

    I just heard the sad news and sent Nabila a message.
    Please accept and pass along my condolences to your brothers Omar and Hussein on their fathers passing.
    May he Rest In Peace.

    1. GregH says:

      Petrina, sorry for the misspelling, i was on my phone and spell check took over.

  47. BRIAND PATRICK says:

    Toutes mes très sinceres condoleances a toute la grand famille KHASHOGGI !
    un légende s’en est allé et une partie de notre vie avec !! une page se tourne !
    nous avons eu de la chance de cotoyer ce grand homme !!!

    1. It is with deep sadness that I learn of Adnans death,one we shared exactly the same dob,and two he was a fine man to work for.Goodbye my friend and memories of all the kids.GS..

    2. Jonathan Senior says:

      Hi Patrick, Jonathan here, one of the stewards from the DC8. And like you I wish AK’s family all my thoughts for their loss. AK was a great man for me and I certainly felt very sad when seeing the news.

      1. BRIAND PATRICK says:

        HELLO JONATHAN !!!! nice to hear from you !!yes so sad new !!I feel so sad as well !

      2. jc says:

        Hi Jonathan, Jay here from the DC9. Sad news to a very kind man. Hope your well, JC

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