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Yes, today I have to mention the turbulent events that are underway in Iran. Today is the anniversary of the Revolution, or at least the official day of celebrations, and the Islamic Republic’s stalwart supports–alleged supporters– are working to curb protests and anti-government demonstrations. Well, as we know there are armies of bloggers, journalists and other concerned parties, who are continuing the good fight to get information out about today’s events.

I thought that I would mention one of the best website for anyone who wants to get a comprehensive overview of Iranian news stories:  www.astreetjournalist.com is a fantastic site, and I consult it every day. I am going to include an article that you may find interesting, and then please feel free, to check out the site.

  Article below: 10 Feb 2010

sXnmDf8hmD5R7pdlS5DD995412kWEOl6vRcmMpRUuOMChYThe European Union’s foreign affairs chief on Tuesday criticized Iran’s decision to enrich uranium to 20 percent, reiterating that the 27-nation bloc will back United Nations action against Tehran.
“Taking enrichment to the level of 20 percent adds to the deficit of confidence in the nature of Iran’s nuclear program,” Catherine Ashton said in a statement.
“This has already been aggravated by Iran’s unwillingness to engage in meaningful talks,” she added.
Ashton noted that Iran’s enrichment activity was contrary to several UN Security Council resolutions.
“The EU will continue to review all aspects of the Iranian nuclear issue on the basis of its dual-track approach and … stands ready to take the necessary steps to accompany the UN Security Council process,” she said.
Iran’s decision prompted stepped up pressure by Western powers, with the United States saying it wanted UN sanctions within weeks.
Russia, a close ally of Iran, said the move “raises doubts” about Tehran’s nuclear intentions.
Iran says its nuclear program is entirely peaceful.
Source: European Union website , Washington TV
My Two Cents

I become more and more frustrated when I hear the expression “dual-track” approach. This has been the EU’s excuse for not taking any decision of note to date. The idea is ludicrous because the Iranians are always guaranteed a “get out of jail free card” from doing anything meaningful. The Iran Delegation continues to debate and quibble about how to approach the situation, which leads the us nowhere.

In the meantime, it is the brave men and women of Iran, who sacrifice so much of their energies to push for a better tomorrow. They are the ones who will make a break through. They deserve more from us.

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