Brief Encounter

Dear Folks,

I hope that you are all having a terrific day today!! I am enjoying a lovely afternoon, and I am gearing up for the Parliament’s plenary debate on the Goldstone Report. I have been glued to the Europarl TV, and I am still trying to get over the shock of Nigel’s Farage’s comments regarding Herman Van Rompuy: he called him a wet rag, or something to that effect. It was quite a scene!

Anyway. I had an interesting experience yesterday as I was enjoying my morning coffee. I was chatting away, and then my friend’s gaze was distracted by a large crowd of people walking towards us. I immediately popped on my glasses, and in the middle of the huge entourage was him, the man, the Lieberman. His eyes are really piercing, and he certainly is a big presence, and you can see why he is such a formidable character.

He met with various MEPs, whilst also touring the Commission and the Council. Today though will see MEPs debate the UNHRC and the Goldstone Report. I shall let you know what is in the works, and for my next post, all will be revealed.

Take care, and remember that summer is on the way.

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