Lieberman and Goldstone at the EU

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Well everybody, I do not have many things to report on this fine Sunday afternoon, but this coming week at the Parliament is set to be a busy one. There will be a mini plenary session, and a renewed EU debate on the Goldstone report, which I will be all ears. The Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman will be coming to Brussels in order to meet some of his European counterparts including the UK’s foreign secretary David Milliband.

According to the European Jewish Press, he shall be meeting the EU’s foreign affairs representative Baroness Ashton; the president of the European Parliament: Jerzy Buzek, and the heads of the ECR (European Conservatives and Reformists) and EPP (European People’s Party).

The topic of the Dubai assassination will definitely be on the agenda, as foreign ministers pose questions about the use of forged passports to conceal the identities of the wanted suspects. It is also likely that Lieberman will want to sample the discussions on Judge Goldstone’s report from last year. It is sure to be a lively debate.

Nothing gets the EU going like discussions on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. However, the issue of Iran will be something foreign ministers will be eager to discuss with Lieberman, as it is clear that the Iranian government intends to cock and snook at the outside world.

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  1. Angus says:

    Em! This blog is fantastic. All these things I’m interested in suddenly become so much more relevant since they’re written by you. Consider me your newest fan.

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